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In our 15 day paragliding course you learn how to handle a paraglider safely. This does not "only" mean taking off and landing the paraglider safely, but also bringing various unusual flight conditions back under control.


Course content

You will learn the theoretical knowledge about weather, mechanics of flight, air-laws, piloting and equipment, mental state awareness, emotional control, self analysis, ability to assess dangerous situations and make the right decisions.

The course starts with a basic training where students learn how to handle the glider on ground, how to prepare, inflate and control the wing. Don't worry, action won't be missing in this first part either; from the first day on you might do little flights which will be longer and longer the more confident you get. The first part ends with one day of high flights where the students perform at least one high altitude flight, always under supervision of an instructor. In the second part students learn how to master a flight, from weather analysis to performing high flights on his learning site independently with a high level of safety.


This course is designed for students to achieve the APPI 3 international license. If all the requirements are fulfilled, it is also possible to obtain the Colombian license.

You would like to start your adventure together with us? Please sign up for a trial day.

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