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Trial day

On the trial day, you will make your first attempts at launching and flying a paraglider on the training hill under professional instruction and supervision. In addition to your first small flights that surely will leave an impression, you will learn about the paragliding material and its handling as well as the further training process.

From Medellín we will take you to the training hill and back as well as equip you with a paraglider and all other necessary material. No prior knowledge is required, but there will be some running involved! At the end of the trial day you will be tired, you will have flown for the first time and you will have a new hobby.


  • supervision by a flight instructor

  • complete paraglide equipment

  • transfer to training hill and back


  • solid, ankle-high footwear (recommended)

  • sun protection

  • provisions (lots of liquids)

  • possibly spare clothes




​Please contact us and we find the perfect date for you!

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