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Terms and Conditions


We are very pleased about your interest in the offers of 
Paragliding is considered to be a safe sport. The greater is the responsibility of each pilot. By accepting your booking at or its outlets, a contract between you and is established. These Terms and Conditions are part of this contract. We ask you to study it carefully.

Passenger flights

Vouchers are valid for two years (date of issue / expiry date on the voucher).
The flight time cannot be guaranteed. The tandem pilot may cancel or postpone a passenger flight in the interest of safety at any time (e.g. weather). The instructions of the pilot must always be obeyed.


Introductory courses / training

The taster days / training is based on the personal responsibility of each participant. declines any liability. Participants are responsible for good footgear and appropriate clothing. The taster day / training day can be canceled, postponed or interrupted at short notice in the interest of safety at any time. The assignments of the flight instructor and his auxiliary supporters must always be obeyed.


Offer prices can be found in the current announcements of The prices are in US Dollars. Price changes are expressly reserved. Issued vouchers are non-returnable.


Terms of payment

Courses, travels and advanced trainings must be paid 10 days prior to their start. Payments made not timely entitle to refuse or to withdraw from the contract.
Payments for goods delivered must be paid within 10 days after receipt of invoice. All payments can be done via invoice. reserves the right to deliver COD or Prepayment.


Cancellation / withdrawal

Cancellations announced by for safety and/or weather-related reasons do not entitle to any refunds.
Training / Advanced Training: The concluded contract can be canceled at anytime from both sides. No course fee will be refunded.
Material: Used material cannot be taken back. However, there can be an opportunity to provide material in partial payment. Such agreements have to be negotiated individually between you and
Travel: The concluded contract can be canceled at anytime from both sides. The termination must be in writing, the relevant date is the reception of the written termination by respective by you.
The following cancellation fees will be charged:
Number of days before departure:
60-30 days: 25%; 30-15 days: 50%; 14-8 days: 100%; 7-0 days: 100%
Fees are calculated based on the contract value. 


Participants are not insured by Therefore an adequate health and accidental insurance is in the responsibility of each participant. Our customers fly at their own risk, declines any liability.

Governing law, jurisdiction

On any legal relationship between you and Colombian law is applicable exclusively. Legal action against can be attached only to its seat in Medellín, Colombia.
Should individual clauses of these Terms and Conditions be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the entire contract. In this case the invalid clauses shall be replaced by parent law or by a rule, which comes closest to the purpose of the contract

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