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Flying sites


The mountainous region around Medellín and on the way to "El Valle", passing Roldanillo, until reaching Cali is ideal for paragliding. The winds in the valleys are generally light, so it is practically possible to take off from any mountain of the many there are. However in the search for the ideal flight sites we reconsider many factors; Takeoff should be easy to reach by car and from landing one should be able to get back on takeoff in the shortest possible time. In addition, the flyers (obviously) must be located in incredible landscapes. This is how we document the following flight sites until today;


List of flying sites

1 San Felix​

2 Sopetrán

3 Calentón

4 Matasanos

5 Cocorná

6 Titiribí

7 Fredonia

8 Jericó

9 Cordoncillo

10 Cerro Amarillo

11 Pantanillo

12 Jardín

13 La Merced

14 Apía

15 Ansermanuevo

16 Roldanillo

17 Piedechinche

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