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Terms and Conditions


1. Conclusion of contract 

1.1. The contract between you and comes with the unconditional acceptance of your writing, by telephone, over the Internet or personal application into existence at the booking office. From this point on, the rights and obligations under the contract (together with these general contract and travel conditions) for you and be effective.

1.2. Special requests are only binding if they have been accepted by the booking office and reservation confirmed.


2. Prices and Payment


2.1.1. Partial payment for individual travellers: On the occasion of the deposit unconditional acceptance of your booking through the booking office are to make the following payments: 50% of the entire price until one month before starting the tour. Receives the booking office the payments not in time, may refuse the travel services and the cancellation according to para. 3.2.ff. assert.


2.1.2. Partial payment for groups: On the occasion of the deposit unconditional acceptance of your booking through the booking office are to make the following payments: 50% of the entire price is to be transferred to our bank account until one month before starting the tour. Receives the booking office the payments not in time, may refuse the travel services and the cancellation according to para. 3.2.ff. assert.


2.2 Final payment: The payment for the rest of the tour price has to be be transferred to our bank account before starting the tour.


2.3. Late bookings: Book your trip less than 15 days before departure, the full invoice amount at the booking is payable.


3. Cancellation


3.1 General 

If you cancel the trip, or change, or want transfer the booked trip, you must notify the booking office in writing. 


3.2. Processing fee 

In case of cancellation, modification or rebooking your trip are per person CHF 60. - per order, maximum of CHF 120. - as processing fee levied These fees are not covered by any existing cancellation insurance (see also Section 3.3..).


3.3. Cancellation 

Tell the trip less than 40 days prior to departure from or you want to make any changes, so in addition to the processing fees (points 3.2..) collected the following cancellation charges: 

39-15 days prior to departure: 70% of trip cost 

14 . -0 days before arrival, no-show: 100% of trip cost 

The factor for calculating the charge a cancellation date change is the arrival of your statement at the booking office; on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the next working day.


3.4 Cancellation insurance 

Each participant must be concerned for cancellation insurance himself.


4. Changes


4.1 Changes to the contract. expressly reserves the right to change prospectus information, service descriptions, prices in the brochures and on the price lists prior to your booking. If this is the case, you oriented your booking office before conclusion of this change.


4.2 Price changes after the contract 

in exceptional cases it is possible that the agreed price must be increased. Price increases may result from 

a) the subsequent increase in transportation costs (including fuel surcharges) 

b) newly introduced or increased government taxes or fees (such as airport taxes, landing fees, entry and disembarkation, etc.); 

c) changes in exchange rates or 

d) possessed state price increases (eg VAT) result. 

is increasing the cost of such travel services, so they can be passed on to you. The tour price increases accordingly. will make the price increase at least 10 days prior to departure. If the price increase is more than 10%, you are entitled to the rights under Clause 4.4.


4.3 program changes, changes in the transport sector after booking and before departure. reserves also in your interest to the right, the itinerary or specific agreed services (such as accommodation, transport, transport, airlines, flight times, etc.) to change if unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances require it. strives to provide you with equivalent replacements. orientes you as soon as possible of any such changes and their impact on the price.


4.4 Your rights when increased after the conclusion of the tour price, program changes or changes in the transport sector are made. 

Make the program change or the change of individual services agreed to a substantial change in an essential article of the contract or if the price increase is more than 10%, so you have the following rights: 

a) You can accept the contract modification; 

b) You may within 5 days nor withdraw us telling you from the contract in writing and you will receive the pre-paid travel price promptly refunded, or 

c) you can contact us within 5 days after receiving our notification provide written notice that You want to participate in a proposed equivalent replacement of us travel. We are dedicated to offer you such. Is the replacement travel cheaper, you will be refunded the price differential. If the replacement travel be more expensive, the originally agreed price is paid. 

Please send us a notification under point b) or c), you agree to the price increase, the program change or the change of individual services agreed to (the 5-day period is complied with, when you pass your message on the 5th day of the post).


5. Travel Cancellation by


5.1 Cancellation for reasons that are yours is entitled to cancel the trip if you add through acts or omissions are justified grounds. In this case pay you back the price already paid travel, further claims are excluded.


5.2 Minimum number of participants 

for all the tendered of tours require a minimum number of participants, which can be found at the respective travel advertisement. Participate, so can cancel a trip at less than the proposed minimum number of participants to travel at least 15 days before the planned departure. Your rights are governed by Section 4.4; further claims are excluded.


5.3 Force major, strikes, force major (eg natural disasters, epidemics, riots), official Maas names or strikes can cause to cancel the tour. In such a case orientated you as soon as possible. If the trip is canceled, strives to offer you an equivalent alternative travel. Take part in this spare travel, the travel costs already paid will be credited to the replacement travel, a possible difference in price will be refunded to you. 

Do not take part in the spare travel, will the paid ticket price refunded immediately. Further claims are excluded. (For formal procedure see Section 4.4).


6. Program Changes


6.1 reserves also in your interest to change the itinerary or specific agreed services (eg accommodation, transport, transport, airlines, aircraft types or times, etc.), if unforeseen circumstances require it. However strives to provide equivalent replacement services.


7. Cancel the trip

you take the trip, but they can not stop: If for any reason depart early, so you can not be refunded the price of the travel package. Although not related benefits are paid back to you, unless they are charged In urgent cases (eg, own illness or accident, serious illness or death of a close person) will as far as possible to assist in the organization of early return Note. In this context, the possibility of concluding a So-called return-cost insurance, which is not included in the tour price details are available on request at the booking office.


8. Passport, visa, vaccinations

On the Colombia government website you find the general information regarding the passport and visa requirements and any sanitary provisions, you need to consider when entering Colombia. Ask at your own interest, but at the time of booking whether and what provisions exist for your trip, as these regulations can change at short notice. You are responsible for complying with the passport, visa and vaccination requirements and for the tracking of qualifying for entry into the chosen holiday destination documents themselves. All disadvantages arising from non-compliance with these requirements, are your responsibility. 

9. Liability

The company and its employees can not be held responsible in any way for accidents of any kind and their consequences, injuries, delays, irregularities, damage to persons or property, schedule changes, itinerary changes, etc., for theft, dirt and damage Each participant is responsible for his personal effects and equipment himself, that he has an insurance policy. has no insurance for theft, pollution and damage to personal effects and equipment (glider, parachute, seat, handy, clothes, etc) of travel participants. 


10. Insurance, documents and statements of the participant.

To participate in a flight at the participants must have a valid certification of its nationality, without supervision and self-entitled him to fly. Only if a certified paragliding instructor accompanies his group of students, they are allowed to fly without certification. In this case the paragliding instructor is totally responsable for the pilots.


11. Reconfirmation of air tickets.


11.1 For unaccompanied Travel You are responsible for the confirmation of the return flight. The necessary information, please refer to the voucher. Missed reconfirmations can lead to loss of transport claim, any additional costs are at your expense.


12 Governing Law and Jurisdiction


12.1 Any legal relations between you and Colombian law is applicable.


12.2 Legal action against can be attached only to his seat in Medellín, Colombia.

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