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In short: You come to our school, pass an exam and from this time on you will be a licensed pilot throughout life. Sounds simple, right? It is indeed. The trial day is followed by about 4 days of basic training on the training hill. After this, you will start with the high-altitude flights, i.e. you will be flying from the mountain instead of the hill. After a minimum of 50 high-altitude flights and a successfully passed theory test you can take the practice test. As soon as you pass it you will be allowed to fly free and by yourself. It is our goal to train you to become an accomplished pilot and to get you inspired for the passion and fascination of paragliding. If we manage to do so, the license will just be an ankle-high hurdle to take along the way.


The full flying

As a student, nothing will be withheld from you: From the very first day you will be enjoying small flights – always under professional instruction and supervision of course. These flights will steadily become higher and longer over the course of the training. You can also join our trips and of course all the trimmings like barbecuing and spinning paragliding yarns. You can assume about 25 days for the duration of training as an approximate value. When and how soon you will be flying, taking the tests etc. and whether you book the complete training or basic training and high-altitude flights separately is all up to you. However, we are here to help in word and deed.

Book your tandem paragliding flight now!

Take off, feel free as a bird in the air and enjoy a spectacular view of the city. You can make this dream come true on a double paraglider flight.

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