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Cali - Medellin


Embark on an unforgettable adventure through Colombia's breathtaking landscapes, from the southern charm of Cali to the vibrant city of Medellin. 

Our journey commences in Cali, nestled in the picturesque region of Valle de Cauca. To warm up, we fly in the tranquil flying site of Piedechinche, surrounded by stunning scenery. Prepare to be amazed as we make our way to Roldanillo, a famed paragliding destination embraced by adrenaline-seeking enthusiasts from around the globe. Soar through the skies, embraced by breathtaking landscapes that defy imagination. Continuing our northward quest, we ascend to Ansermanuevo, enticing pilots of all levels with a variety of exhilarating flight possibilities. 

Throughout our journey, we find respite at different base camps, granting ample time to rejuvenate before venturing onward. Tailoring each flight to pilot capabilities, we cater to both thrill-seekers chasing thermal flights and those hungering for cross-country exploration. For the bold at heart, a unique opportunity presents itself – reach the next destination by air, beholding Colombia's natural beauty from an awe-inspiring bird's-eye perspective.

As we progress, our path winds northward along the Cauca River, leaving behind the sprawling valley and sugar cane fields to enter the captivating coffee region. Here, surprises await at every turn, as we discover both well-known and undiscovered takeoff sites eager to be explored. If flight conditions prove unfavorable, fear not! The region presents alternative marvels, from refreshing dips in jungle rivers to sightseeing in charming mountain villages, adorned with vibrantly painted houses, serene squares, and exquisite leather handcrafts. 

Our tour culminates in Medellin, the city of eternal spring, known for its welcoming climate, friendly locals, and rich cultural tapestry. Whether you choose to extend your stay in Medellin or bid farewell to this spellbinding country, the memories forged during this remarkable tour will forever dance in your heart.


  • Supervision by a paragliding instructor from

  • All transportation to flight sites, flying site briefings

  • Transportation back to hotel after an XC flight

  • Hotel nights with breakfast in double room (extra charge for private room: 13USD per night)

  • Transportation to and from the airport

Not Included

  • Takeoff charges (approx. 30USD per person for a two-week tour)

  • SIM cards (15USD per SIM card, charged for 2 weeks)

  • Costs not specified above such as lunch and dinner

Arrival / Departure

Own arrival in Cali (CLO) on 10.2.24, the trip begins on 11.2. / departure from Medellín (MDE) on 24.2.24. 






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